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Trademarkability simplifies the trademark registration for individuals and businesses aiming to protect their brand and intellectual property without feeling overwhelmed.

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Why should you use Trademarkability

Integrated service with IP Australia

Simplifies the trademark process

Increases brand value

15 minute consultation with an expert

The trademark registration process is not only user-friendly but also cost-effective, ensuring that every business owner can secure their brand with confidence and ease.

With Trademarkability, protecting your brand has never been simpler: just four easy steps, and you're set, no login necessary. Our experienced team of trademark professionals understands the complexities of the registration process, especially for those navigating it for the first time or looking to simplify repeat applications.

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What is the Trademark Registration process in steps


Search your desired word trademark / or upload your logo now


Select your classes and enter your details


Pay the one-time application fee and submit your application


Trademark application progress alerts

We offer expert trademark services

Our broad range of services provided by trademark experts address all your trademark needs.


Secure the exclusive rights to use, licence and sell your branding name or logo for a product or service.

International Registration

Protect your trademark in multiple countries through a single application.

Trademark eligibility reports

We search IP Australia's database and provide a report identifying obstacles to trademark acceptance.


Track the registration of new trademarks to identify potential infringement.


Take action against identified trademarks that threaten to infringe your registration rights.


Maintain the protection of your trademark registration every 10 years, forever into the future.

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Cost Breakdown


excluding GST

Standard trademark application in 1 class


excluding GST

Each additional class

Government Charge


IP Australia fee for each class