Who is Trademarkability?

Our teams have collaborated to develop an innovative, automated trademark registration process that offers a seamless and streamlined experience, allowing you to save time and effort. Through user experience optimisation, you can now register your trademark with ease and efficiency, while feeling confident that your brand is in capable hands.


Why Trademarkability?

Protecting your brand has never been this straightforward. At Trademarkability, we take the complexity out of brand protection with our user-friendly approach.

Simple and Quick: Our free trademark search provides instant results. Selecting goods and services is made simple.

Fast and Accessible: Apply in 4 easy steps using any device. You can also manage multiple trademarks using one platform.

Cost-Effective and Transparent: Secure a decade of protection with a solitary fee, enjoying savings of up to 60% in contrast to legal fees.

Expert Advice: Free 15 minute consultation with a trademark expert for all applicants. 

How our platform works with IP Australia?

Trademarkability is seamlessly integrated with IP Australia, the government agency responsible for trademark registration in Australia.

Benefit from real-time searches within the IP Australia Trade Mark Register, providing instant clarity on existing trademarks. No more intermediaries or manual processes – your application immediately goes to IP Australia for examination, eliminating delays.

We stay in touch and support you through the process.