What are the five common trademark slip ups?

By IP Team

In the fast-paced world of business, where every brand strives for recognition and protection, trademark mishaps can be costly and detrimental. As entrepreneurs and business owners, it's crucial to navigate the complexity of trademark law with precision and care. In this blog, we'll shed light on five common trademark slip-ups and provide you with expert tips to steer clear of them.

Our Tips:

  1. Protection procrastination - Failing to register a trademark leaves an open window for competitors to register the trademark.  Don’t let others get in first.  File your trademark application now.

  2. Protecting the wrong things - Inadequate selection of what is to be covered by the trademark puts assets at risk.  Trademarkability’s simple “goods and services” keyword searches assist you and can help capture what’s appropriate for your brand.

  3. Missing deadlines - Too often trademarks lapse because a filing or renewal deadline is missed.  Filing with Trademarkability ensures you will be alerted by us at every step.  Simple.

  4. Sucked in by scammers - Scammers are highly active requesting payment of false registration or renewal fees.  Once your application is filed with Trademarkability only notifications which come from Trademarkability or IP Australia should be actioned.  If in doubt contact us and we can help.

  5. Infringing registered trade marks - Failure to check the trademarks register before a brand launch can lead to court action.  Infringement is no small issue.  Trademarkability offers a check of the trademarks register before you file with us.  Fast and easy.

The message is “protect” and “protect well”.  Trademarkability makes the process simple, fast and easy.

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