Strategic Brand Selection: Four Key Trademark Tips for Success

By IP Team

When considering whether you should go ahead with that tremendous new branding, you should take into consideration these top tips which will be important for trade mark registration:
TIP 1: Invent a word and use it with a logo and even a tagline. The more complex your mark the easier the path to trade mark registration is likely to be. Good examples of invented words we are familiar with are FANTA, XEROX and ROLEX. Well known taglines are “Just do it” (Nike), “Finger Lickin Good” (KFC) and “A Diamond is Forever” (Da Beers).
TIP 2: Do not use “describing words”. Words that describe your goods or services make trade mark registration difficult. For example, FABULOUS FOOD or CRAFTY CREATIONS are probably not your best branding bets. They are too descriptive.
TIP 3: Do not use “geographical indications”. The use of “Sydney”, “Australia”, “Double Bay” tell customers where to find your goods or services but do not serve to stand your trade mark apart from other branding.
TIP 4: Do not use “praise” words. Words like best, excellent, marvellous, personalised, tailored and amazing tell customers about the quality of your goods or services but, again, do not stand your trade mark apart from other branding.
Think carefully before settling on your branding.

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